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The 3D-RPG System previews have started!

We've started sending out e-mail previews of the 3D-RPG System! Just enter your e-mail here to start receiving the previews. Our goal is to release a new ones occasionally until the open beta later this year. Any of the previews that you have missed will be sent out to you daily until you are fully caught up! These previews include free e-books that you can start using to add some flavor to any game system! It's completely free and we have no interests in your e-mail address other than letting you know about what's going with the system.

Current Status: Closed Alpha

The 3D-RPG System is in closed alpha as we complete development of our social network and RPG tools. The next stage is a closed beta is to ensure that out technical systems are working, and our user publishing systems are up to the task. There are many ways that you can help, and we are interested in users for this near future closed beta test.

3D-RPG Chat is here

Help us build our FAQ with the new 3D-RPG Chat page.

3D-RPG System Navigation

Learn more about the 3D-RPG system

We cover a few examples and make some pretty wild claims about the system. This is a good place to begin seeing our vision and how we plan to change the face of gaming.

Learn how you can join the upcoming beta test

Our RPG system and web site will be freely available to use in the coming months. We are looking for a special few people who would like to get their hands on these tools early. We'll offer full access to our beta testers in exchange for a bit of their time telling us how we can improve our site and content.

For those interested in previewing the system

We are going to slowly release pieces of the system in various forms and explain more about the system here. Information is expected to increase as we get in to the closed beta.

A brief history of the system and it's author

This is the place to learn more about the vision behind the system and it's author Paul R. Dillinger.

Have a question that isn't answered here?

We are planning on releasing more information here over the next few weeks, but we are always open to questions. Feel free to drop in and tell us what you're thinking.